CU 210

The Ambiance Air Compact Unit (CU) 210 is one of our PTAC series. It is our most silent and energy efficient PTAC choice for any new construction or retrofit project you may have, it is beautifully designed to provide the most quiet and powerful (24,000 BTU), high tech cooling and heating PTAC for your home.

This model features smart design features enabling it to be energy efficient with extremely low noise while giving you maximum comfort and convenience. The quality and aesthetics of the CU 210 unit are by far superior than average products on the market. 

All Ambiance Air products are designed to create a reduced environmental footprint utilizing the latest in modern, energy-efficient design and technology. Our products feature a full two-year worry-free warranty on all parts to give you confidence and peace of mind.

Features List

  • Beautiful Aesthetic
  • Extremely Quiet
  • Multiple fan speed mode options
  • 2 year warranty on parts
  • Increased life span due to high quality components
  • Antimicrobial Air Filters

Technical Features

  • Fits in most 42" x 16" PTAC Sleeves
  • Anti-rust Stainless steel sleeve
  • Steam / water coil integrated
  • Drain Pump Spray System (external item)
  • High efficiency in high humidity & temperature
  • Motorized brushless DC fan
  • Sensors built-in for optimal security

available options

  • Water drainage pump spray system
  • Custom Dixell Thermostat (Residential IoT Solutions )
  • Semi custom options are available on chassis, controls, and sleeves; upon request.

Performance Specifications

Coefficient of Performance13.4
Cooling Capacity24,000
EER (BTU/H)12.7
KW For Cooling ( Heat Pump )6.6 ( Max )
Heating Capacity ( BTU/H )23,100 ( Max )
KW For Heat ( Heat Pump )6.8 ( Max )
Fan SpeedVariable
Fan Watts110w ( Max )
Air Flow ( CFM )325-472
Noise Room Level ( heat pump )33-44 dbA


Total Size with sleeve (D x W x H)25” x 4115/16” x 16” x 1531/32"

Electrical Specifications

Unit Amps ( maximum )16A
Voltage (V)208-230V

Product Downloads

Warranty & Service

Ambiance Air HVAC units are part of our Best in Business Warranty. Our units are warranted for a period of two years starting from the day of installation. Ambiance Air will replace any units or repair components of units which prove to be defective.
1 yr. warranty on all parts, or full replacement
5 yr. warranty on compressor
Optional remote monitoring assist
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