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Ambiance Air high-end HVAC units are designed specifically for city dwellings, prewar and postwar apartments, as well as NYC townhouses. Our line of modular HVAC units have a flush-wall profile and are remotely accessed. This valuable asset removes the need for millwork covers or build-outs, and saves the owner precious apartment square footage. This innovative HVAC is far superior esthetically and virtually pays for itself. We offer two models of split HVAC units and one self-contained HVAC unit. Unlike any other PTAC replacement units on the market, these powerful units are more similar to central air systems. Being modular, however, they do not require the hassle of board approval, dropped ceilings, ductwork and the extreme expense of a central air system.

We offer you an alternative to bulky and inefficient PTAC / thru-the-wall unit in prewar apartments & Classic apartments. Our streamlined HVAC can be run with Steam, Electric Heaters, or Heat Pump.
As with our Museum systems the multiple sensors built into the units can be monitored by our engineers in the Veneto Italy.
This optional passive surveillance can be included free for 2 years. Learn more in our warranty program


A long time expertise in Museums

Ambiance Air technicians worked for over four years with the leading HVAC manufacturer, Aernova, of the Veneto area in Italy. Together, they created a flawless HVAC system designed specifically to replace outdated PTAC units and conventional central A/C systems in private Manhattan apartments and townhouses.

For over 35 years Aernova has been manufacturing climate control systems with high performance products, featuring a cutting-edge design, super silent operation and the best components available on the market.

Utilizing Aernova's expertise derived from decades of experience controlling indoor temperature and humidity in scores of important museums and cultural centers, Ambiance Air finally brings its technology to you.

US Pavilion, Biennale Giardini, Venice

The Venice Giardini, managed by the Peggy Guggenheim, is an area of parkland in the historic city of Venice which hosts the Venice Biennale Art Festival, a major part of the city's cultural Biennale.


Punta della Dogana, Venice

It is an art museum in Venice's old customs building, the Dogana da Mar. It also refers to the triangular area of Venice where the Grand Canal meets the Giudecca Canal, and its collection of buildings: Santa Maria della Salute, Patriarchal Seminary of Venice, and Dogana da Mar at the triangle's tip.


Accademia Galleries, Venice

The monumental estate of the Accademia Galleries is located in the prestigious centre of the Scuola Grande of Santa Maria della Carit, one of the most ancient lay fraternal orders of the city. A very rich collection of Venetian paintings from Veneto as well, from the Bizantine and Gothic fourteenth century to the artists of the Renaissance.


Palazzo S.U.M.S, Venice

It is a Museum located in Piazzale Marino Calcigini, in Citti di San Marino. This Museum has a very rich collection of french Masterpieces such as Monet, Cezanne, Renoir and other stories of painting in France.


DUOMO DI Monza, Venice

Often known in English as Monza Cathedral is the main religious building of Monza, near Milan, in northern Italy. Unlike most duomos it is not in fact a cathedral, as Monza has always been part of the Diocese of Milan, but is in the charge of an archpriest who has the right to certain episcopal vestments including the mitre and the ring.


Museo della Citti - Rimini

In the heart of Rimini, a city not only of sea and dreams, but also the guardian of thousand-year, the City Museum provides the key to the knowledge of the cultural identity of what is now known to the world as the capital of tourism.



Installation and Product Case Studies

Ambiance Air technicians work with us to install into diverse facilties and buildings. Here we present to you the case studies showing the diversity of installations and use of our HVAC units by some of our customers.

FRC-Series CU 140 and 210

Our Compact Unit (CU) is a self-contained unit. Both compressor and evaporator parts are contained in one single sleeve. It is installed within a wall. Best use for facade walls (thick walls) in order to keep a completely flush wall profile.


FRC-Series WL 140 and 210

The Wall Unit ( WL ) is a split unit made up of a compressor part and an evaporator part. both are installed into the wall, although the evaporator can be placed at any distance from the compressor unit, to fit all room layout type's. Both parts fit in most standard walls.


FRC-Series CL 140 and 210

Our Ceiling Unit is a split unit made up of a compressor part and an evaporator part. The evaporator is installed in differing locations according to the layout of the room and requirements of the owner. The compressor is installed within a wall and fit in most standard walls. The evaporator is positioned up in a closet or in a dropped ceiling.


Two Year Limited


Two year
Technical support



Ambiance Air HVAC units are part of our Best in Business Warranty. Our units are warranted for a period of two years starting from the day of installation. Ambiance Air will replace any units or repair components of units which prove to be defective.

2 year parts and labor2 Years on all parts and labor

5 year compressor parts5 Years on the compressor part

2 years free remote assist2 years free remote monitoring assistance



Customer satisfaction motivates everyone at Ambiance Air, it enables us to provide you with excellent service throughout the entire life of your unit.
Ambiance Air HVAC units are installed and serviced by certified HVAC contractors.
We offer a list of recommendations for contractors, and will work with you to choose the right contractor for you.

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