Ambiance Air High-end HVAC units are designed specifically for city dwellings, prewar and postwar apartments, as well as NYC townhouses. Our line of modular split and self-contained HVAC units have a flush-wall profile and are remotely accessed. This valuable asset removes the need for millwork covers or build-outs, and saves the owner precious apartment square footage.

Hot & Cold

• Heat Pump

• Electrical Heater

• Water or Steam


• 15,000 - 23,000 Btu/h

• Save in Energy Consumption

• Quiet Operation

• High SEER


• Alternative to bulky PTAC's

• Save valuable floor space

• 100% flush wall profile

• Silent Operation

Standard PTAC unit installation

Loss of floor space = 3 to 4 sq feet

3 sq ft x $1500 = $4500 of loss in valuable square feet inside the apartment

Millwork / buildout costs = $1000 & up


Ambiance Air unit installation

Full recovery of precious floor space inside the apartment

No required Millwork / buildout



Wall Unit
Wall Unit Wall Unit
Ceiling Unit
Ceiling Unit Ceiling Unit Ceiling Unit

Cloud Remote

Cloud Apps

There are a wide range of functions, settings and performance metrics that can be reviewed or controlled through our multi-device application.

Apps available on Iphone, Ipad & Smartphone

Warranty & Service

Warranty and Service

Ambiance Air HVAC units are part of our Best in Business Warranty. Our units are warranted for a period of two years starting from the day of installation. Ambiance Air will replace any units or repair components of units which prove to be defective.

2 Years Parts and Labor 2 years on all parts and labor

5 Years Compressor Parts 5 Year Warranty on Compressor Parts

Free Remove for 2 Years 2 years free remote monitoring assistance

Request Installation

There are 3 steps to installation. Please start by giving us your information.

Steps for installation:
  • 1 - You give us the location details.
  • 2 - We review existing condition.
  • 3 - Quote

Request Servicing

Servicing of the HVAC units is done via our recommended certified HVAC contractors in your area. Please provide us with details of the HVAC unit installation location and the issue, we will have an affiliated contractor contact you.


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